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Matt Butler

Education and public health reporter

Matt Butler has been with The Ithaca Voice since August 2020, covering public health and education. He previously spent four years with the Ithaca Times, two as the paper’s managing editor, working a variety of beats during that time. Butler graduated from the University of Delaware in 2016 with a degree in international relations and journalism. He enjoys eating, drinking and breathing. 

Tips and anything else can be sent to, or reach him in the newsroom at (607) 391-0327.

Dustin Patte

INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTor/sponsorship and development coordinator

Dustin Patte is the sponsorship and development coordinator as well as the interim executive director. He has worked for the Ithaca Voice since 2016 helping foster gifts and sponsorships from individuals and organizations to help with general operations and to further the IV’s journalistic mission. He has worked in the media industry his entire professional career and finds journalism to be an essential part of our democracy that he is genuinely passionate about helping sustain. When not busy working, Patte enjoys boating, camping, fishing, live music and sports. 

To learn more about opportunities to partner with The Ithaca Voice through sponsorship or giving, contact Dustin Patte at or 607-391-0329.

Anna Lamb

Senior reporter

Anna Lamb studied journalism at Ithaca College where she was the news and opinion editor for the school’s alternative magazine, Buzzsaw. She has also been involved in community radio, hosting the morning drive-time show, Your Morning, at Ithaca’s own WRFI. This is Anna’s second job at The Ithaca Voice –– she was the summer intern in 2017, and then a full-time reporter in 2019. She covers a range of local stories and often uses her background in radio to create multimedia content across local platforms.

Reach out with story ideas or suggestions at or 857-345-0526.

Brian Crandall

Development Reporter

Brian Crandall has been a contributing writer for The Ithaca Voice since the launch of the organization in 2014. He reports on housing and development in Ithaca and Tompkins County. Brian is the author of Ithacating in Cornell Heights, a blog he has kept for more than 10 years that focuses on history and development at Cornell and in the Ithaca community. He also maintains an interactive Ithaca Project Map.

With atmospheric science degrees from Cornell and SUNY Albany, Brian is an air pollution scientist and meteorologist by profession and shares his expertise in the weekly weather column.

Reach him at


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