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Tompkins Connect is now accepting nominations for the 8th Annual Fab5 Young Professional Awards! The Fab5 Awards celebrate the achievement of young professionals in Tompkins County, ages 21-40, who go above and beyond in their respective fields and have made a significant impact in our community over the last year.

Nominations are open until Feb. 6. They can be submitted here for the following awards.

Entrepreneur of the Year

An individual who has managed a new business venture, taking on personal risk to do so, and is deserving of additional recognition due to their entrepreneurial spirit. This person shows great leadership skills, innovation and tenacity.

Business Leader of the Year

An individual who has excelled in demonstrating their leadership ability as a business professional in the Tompkins County area. This leader has shown great teamwork/communication, perseverance and vision.

Not-for-Profit Leader of the Year

An individual who has shown a remarkable aptitude for leadership in a not-for-profit organization. This leader has shown great leadership skills, strategic thinking, and passion.

Volunteer of the Year

An individual who deserves additional recognition for their exceptional performance while volunteering in the Tompkins County Community. This volunteer has shown great motivation, commitment and passion

Rookie of the Year

An individual who has recently taken on a new position or freshly entered the workforce altogether. During this time, this person has demonstrated noteworthy performance and deserves to be acknowledged. This professional has shown great enthusiasm, development and self-motivation.