LANSING, N.Y.—Plans for a Dandy Mini-Mart at a prominent corner in the town of Lansing has resulted in a not-so-dandy response from worried neighbors.

As first reported when news of the proposal broke back in January 2021, the Dandy Mini-Mart chain operates several dozen stores across the Twin Tiers, and wishes to add one more in Lansing, at the southwest corner of the intersection of East Shore Drive and NY 34B/Ridge Road, across the road from the Rogues’ Harbor Inn. At the time it was first submitted to the town of Lansing, the project called for an 8,400 square-foot with two gasoline fuel islands and one diesel fuel island.

The project has since taken a trim, in response to worried neighbors and town officials concerned about traffic impacts on that busy corner. The latest plan calls for a 5,895 square-foot convenience store with drive-thru window, two reduced-size gasoline and one diesel fuel islands, and a fuel tank storage area. It also comes with 36 parking spaces (four of which are tractor-trailer spaces), four electric vehicle charging stalls and the usual complement of landscaping, lighting and stormwater facilities.

Still, concerns remain over the planned market. As reported by Tompkins Weekly’s Geoff Preston, the Public Hearing was an hour and a half of comments nearly unanimously opposed to the project. The town’s Conservation Advisory Council has stated concerns about traffic, environmental concerns of potential spills and air quality impacts, and that the project is inconsistent with the town’s Comprehensive Plan, which sees the corner as something of a showpiece gateway into Lansing.

In a similar vein, the Tompkins County Planning Department, which normally has little to say about most proposals, made very clear in their analysis that the project should complete a traffic impact analysis, as well incorporate some sidewalks along the roadside.

Front elevation of the proposed Lansing Dandy Mini-Mart.

“I think at the very least, the applicant needs to make a point-by-point to the county’s comments…we need to know that these things are being considered,” said board member Larry Sharpsteen at the July meeting. “And it should be clear enough that a bunch of us unprofessionals should be able to read it.”

SRF / Passero Associates, the traffic engineering consultant, met with the town Planning Board inn late September to go over the specifications for a traffic analysis, and no actions have been taken on whether the traffic impacts and mitigations are acceptable.

A trip back before the Lansing Town Planning Board has yet to be scheduled; for the time being, review of the project remains open, and a timeline for approval, let alone for construction, has not been determined. For the applicants, the town residents, and the Planning Board, this has been anything but a dandy experience.

Brian Crandall

Brian Crandall reports on housing and development for the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached at