This is an op-ed endorsement signed by current and former members of Ithaca Common Council (with two exceptions from the current membership: Jorge DeFendini and Jeffrey Barken). It was not written by The Ithaca Voice. To submit op-eds, please send them to Matt Butler at

“We current and former members of the Ithaca City Common Council are pleased to announce our endorsement of Laura Lewis to fill the one-year vacancy in this year’s mayoral election. Laura has stood out in the immensely challenging role of acting mayor during a period of transition and has provided our community with needed policy continuity.

Our endorsement is based, in part, on Laura’s demonstrated commitment to consensus-based decision-making and community dialogue. She has been a strong champion of the proposed City Manager reform, which will promote better administrative leadership and accountability, as well as reinforce local separation of powers from administrative and legislative responsibilities. Laura also continues to lead on public safety reform, implementing the Ithaca Green New Deal, and is a long-time supporter of affordable housing in the Ithaca community.”

George McGonigal, First Ward Councilmember and Chair, Public Safety Committee

Cynthia Brock, First Ward Councilmember

Ducson Nguyen, Second Ward Councilmember and Alternate Acting Mayor

Phoebe Brown, Second Ward Councilmember

Rob Gearhart, Third Ward Councilmember

Patrick Mehler, Fourth Ward Councilmember

Robert Cantelmo, Fifth Ward Councilmember and Chair, City Administration Committee

Michelle Berry, Former Second Ward Councilmember

Seph Murtagh, Former Second Ward Councilmember

Donna Fleming, Former Third Ward Councilmember

Ellen McCollister, Former Third Ward Councilmember

Graham Kerslick, Former Fourth Ward Councilmember

Dan Cogan, Former Fifth Ward Councilmember and Former Chief of Staff

Josephine Martell, Former Fifth Ward Councilmember

Deb Mohlenhoff, Former Fifth Ward Councilmember

Chris Proulx, Former Fifth Ward Councilmember