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Porchfest 2022 will happen on Sunday, September 25, in Ithaca’s Fall Creek and Northside neighborhoods!

It’s an incredible relief and joy to type those words to you. It’s been three years since the last Porchfest in Ithaca, and we’ve all been through some stuff. It feels like we need a nice, big, outdoor community celebration more than ever before. So let’s go!

Performer signups are open now through August 28. Sign up here. If you’re interested in performing, please make sure you have this information ready:
• The address where you’ll be performing. This may seem obvious, but make sure you have the homeowner’s permission first!
• No more than three performers at any single address. Give your neighbors a chance to shine too!
• The email addresses for all band members. We’ll use these to prevent scheduling bands that share members in the same time slot.
• What time slots you’re available for. Note that the 12-1pm time slot will be 100% acoustic, so if you’re using any amplification, don’t sign up for noon.
• Understand that Porchfest has many performances going on at once, and you’ll need to keep volume low so you’re not conflicting with nearby performances. If you absolutely need a ton of decibels to convey your transcendent rock-and-roll glory to the masses, we get it, but this may not be the festival for you.
• Note that no performances will be allowed on Cayuga, Lincoln, Tompkins or Hancock streets. We need to keep these streets open and free of crowds in case emergency vehicles need to get through. If you live on one of these streets, please find a friend’s porch to play on elsewhere in the neighborhood.

We urgently need volunteers. It takes a lot of people to make Porchfest happen safely. Most volunteers will be stationed at barricades near street closures, to redirect traffic and escort residents’ vehicles in and out as needed. Others will be stationed at our information tents, or circulate on bikes to help keep with crowds in the street and excessive performer volume. You can sign up for the first or second half of Porchfest, or the full event. If you can offer some of your day to help us make Porchfest go, please sign up here:

Interested in being a food vendor at Porchfest? We’ve got plenty of hungry music lovers to feed, and two locations for vendors to set up, so get in touch today. Apply here; the deadline is August 20:

We’re closing a few streets to traffic during Porchfest, where we’re placing food vendors or expect significant crowds. If you live on one of these blocks, consider parking your car on an open street nearby for the afternoon so you can come and go more easily:
• JAY STREET, from Cayuga to Tioga
• UTICA STREET, from Lincoln to Lewis
• YATES STREET, from Utica to Aurora
• YATES STREET, from Utica to Aurora
• E. MARSHALL STREET, from Utica to Aurora
• N. TIOGA STREET, from Tompkins to Farm
• N. AURORA STREET, from Tompkins to Farm
• W. MARSHALL STREET, and LAKE AVE from Marshall to Yates
• AUBURN STREET, from Jay to Dey
• ADAMS STREET, from Dey to Auburn

Questions? Comments? Existential dilemmas? You can reach Porchfest organizers Lesley Greene and Andy Adelewitz at