ITHACA, N.Y.—A Christmas tree has remained on display in the Ithaca Town Hall since this past winter. Although it has been several months since winter holiday festivities concluded, the tree continues to adorn the building and bring festive cheer to its onlookers. 

“We have always put up a Winter Season tree and when it was time to take it down, the group of us that usually do it didn’t want to see it go because it made us smile and brightened the lobby,” said Paulette Rosa, Ithaca Town Clerk. 

The Ithaca Town Hall, at 215 North Tioga Street, has continued to decorate the tree to reflect other holidays and major events that have occurred since Christmas. 

“We did reds, pinks and hearts galore for Valentine’s [Day]; shamrocks and leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day; April was pastels, baby bunnies and chicks for Spring; May was the Triple Crown with roses, carnations, black-eyed Susan’s, horses and race pictures,” Rosa said.

She added that the tree currently bears red, white and blue in honor of Memorial Day and Flag Day in the month of June. 

With summer holidays such as the Fourth of July coming up, Rosa stated that there are plans to decorate the tree with a “Summer Fun” theme.

Looking further into the future, Rosa contemplates a “Back To School” theme for the month of September, making use of “school colors and some little backpacks, pens and papers.”

Each change of decor attracts a group of visitors who frequent the tree to photograph its every new appearance. 

“We all need a smile nowadays,” said Rosa, “and hopefully it provides one for a lot of people, [as] it does me.”