ITHACA, N.Y.—Lea Webb and supporters gathered in Press Bay Alley Monday morning to receive endorsements from Assemblywoman Anna Kelles and State Senator Rachel May.

Former Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, who endorsed Webb at the beginning of March, was also in attendance, sharing her support and enthusiasm for the campaign.

“[Lea] has the ability to work as a team member, be a leader as part of a team and when necessary, pull others along with her on very important issues,” Lifton said. “Just sitting and talking with her I realized what a good person she is and how committed she is and how authentic she is.”

Kelles followed Lifton, thanking activists and environmentalists from throughout the district who are supporting Webb’s campaign. “This is about getting everybody out to support the most qualified person to be our senator,” Kelles said, sharing that she has known Webb for a decade.

“Working in Albany is grueling, and someone who has resolve, who has commitment, someone who has the type of courage that Lea has, and the type of humility that Lea has, she will do the hard work every single day to fight for every single one of us and make sure that the government does what it’s supposed to do,” she said, explaining that a life of equity and quality are what every resident in the state deserves.

Senator Rachel May, who chairs several committees on issues of rural resources, agriculture, environmental conservation, opioids and addiction recovery, among others, said that she is also honored to endorse Webb. “For a hundred different reasons, I am thrilled to endorse Lea. I can’t wait to have her as my colleague in the Senate,” she said.

Wiping her eyes, Webb thanked her endorsers and supporters. “Public Service for me, has an is a part of my life’s journey, all I can think of to say it’s just thank you. Thank you, thank you, for all of your support seriously.”

Webb went on to say that she had many reasons for stepping into the electoral ring again — her experience growing up and watching her parents work with unions and her experience working at Binghamton University, which both taught her how important it is to understand the organization of systems at work.

“More importantly, we have an obligation, a moral obligation, a spiritual obligation, to make sure that everyone has access to the resources that they deserve from birth, and we need policies that reflect that,” she said.

The Democratic primary for the Senate will take place June 28, 2022.

Zoë Freer-Hessler

Zoë Freer-Hessler is the digital editor/reporter for the Ithaca Voice. Joining in November 2021, she has covered a wide range of topics related to local news. She can be reached at,...