This is a letter to the editor written by Ithaca resident Colin Benedict. To submit letters to the editor, send them to Letters sent concerning the 2021 election will be accepted until Oct. 31.

Collegetown needs someone in tune with the needs of Cornell students who’s willing to stand up to the Ithaca political establishment. George DeFendini is that someone.

As a Cornell senior, George knows the issues and struggles that the average Collegetown Cornellian faces. From poor infrastructure and overpriced housing to increasing struggles for low-income individuals, Ithaca’s Ward 4 needs someone who will make a difference, not preserve the status quo. A natural leader, George is truly dedicated to the communities he serves. As former President of the cultural organization La Asociacion Latina (LAL), founder of The Cornell Progressives, and leader of the Puerto Rican Students Association (PRSA), George undoubtedly has more experience advocating for students’ rights than most in the Ithaca City
government. As a former field organizer for Leslie Danks Burke, a staffer for the Jamaal Bowman Democratic campaign, and someone who I’ve personally witnessed operate the ins and outs of every aspect of a political race, there truly is no one more qualified for this position.

His experience and connections with local political races and knowledge of student advocacy make him uniquely qualified for this position.

This is who Collegetown needs and deserves. Someone with the experience of fighting for students and the broader political know-how to excel on the Ithaca Common Council. His experience aside, George is one of the most humble, hardworking, and passionate people I have the privilege to know. He is an outstanding progressive advocate for tenants rights, environmental issues, the right to choose, and a more just, equal, and fair society. Make the right choice, and vote for George DeFendini on Nov. 2.