This is a letter to the editor written by the Cornell University Democrats. To submit letters to the editor, send them to Letters sent concerning the 2021 election will be accepted until Oct. 31.

To the Editor: 

We, the Cornell Democrats, are proud to announce our endorsement of Maddie Halpert, and in turn our endorsement of the entire Solidarity Slate for Ithaca Common Council. As the constituents of the Democratic Party on Cornell’s campus and in the City of Ithaca, we believe that the candidates running for our party should represent community leadership, bold action, and a change from the status quo. 

We are not satisfied with our current representation in Ward 1 and believe that Maddie, a self-proclaimed Democrat running on the independent ballot, is the best representation of Democrats and residents of Ithaca alike. Take for example tenants’ rights, an issue that we as college students care deeply about. While minimal action is being taken by our council members on progressive bills like the Right to Renew law that would prevent landlords from evicting tenants without cause, Maddie is running to secure equitable and secure housing for all. 

We believe that Maddie will fight for social and economic justice that uplifts our community through a focus on affordable housing, environmental sustainability, public utilities, and other important policies. To us, this is not an ideological issue, but rather a question of common sense. We found Maddie’s platform along with the rest of the Solidarity Slate to reflect just that, which is why our executive board, ranging from moderates to progressives, voted unanimously to endorse Maddie. 

We urge all Ward 1 residents to get out and vote for Maddie this Tuesday! 


The Cornell University Democrats