This is a letter to the editor written by Enfield Town Board member Robert Lynch. To submit letters to the editor, send them to Letters sent concerning the 2021 election will be accepted until Oct. 31.

Put most succinctly: We need change. Enfield needs change.

The heart of Democracy is the election. And the heart of any election is choice; real choice, meaningful choice. Without choice, an election becomes a sham. On its face, this November’s ballot for Enfield Town offices holds zero choice. The ballot lists just one candidate for Town Supervisor, the current holder of that office, Stephanie Redmond, appointed to her position, controversially, last January. But choice happens when you make it happen. And I urge you to do just that. Please, this Tuesday, November 2nd, go to the polls and write in Cortney Bailey for Enfield Town Supervisor. I give Cortney Bailey my endorsement.

Cortney Bailey symbolizes all that is right and good about Enfield. She is a farm-raised, 40-something wife and mother of two who lives with husband Tim on Gray Road. Cortney has two big dogs and an even bigger heart when it comes to our community. Cortney is a bookkeeper by profession. She volunteers as President of the Enfield Community Council. Her drive got the ECC its new Community Center. Achievement lies at the core of Cortney’s personality. But she is not a career politician. As Cortney has written about the office of Enfield Supervisor:

“This is not a glamorous position. It’s not making a lot of money. It’s not a job you do unless you truly wish to serve. I wish to serve.”

And serve us well, Cortney Bailey will.

Cortney Bailey is different. She’s an Independent. She’s non-political. She’s non-confrontational. And most importantly, she wants to bring peace to Enfield governance.

Cortney Bailey will not initiate controversy for controversy’s sake. She will not launch into initiatives that lack a meaningful local connection. We need a down-to-business, Enfield-centered focus for our government, one based upon positive accomplishment for our community; on collegiality and on political inclusiveness; not upon preening, posturing, and personal assault.

We need a uniter as our Supervisor. We need an achiever as our Supervisor. We need a healer as our Supervisor. We need Cortney Bailey as our Supervisor. But you must do your part. Please write-in Cortney Bailey’s name at the bottom of the Supervisor’s column on your Enfield ballot this Tuesday. Please help us all make a difference. We need change. We need better.

Robert Lynch

Enfield Councilperson

Proud Supporter of Cortney Bailey for Enfield Supervisor