Mike Lane is dedicated to public service and in my opinion has done a great job of it. He is open minded. He seeks and hears the different possibilities for solving issues. His decisions are based on what benefits the community. He will stand up against proposals that harm the community even if they are popular.

Mike was very good Village of Dryden mayor and accomplished many things, making the village a better place to live. He has, as a Tompkins County legislature representative from District 14, continue to work for the community, and the community now is all of Tompkins County. Now, he helps me—the Village of Dryden mayor—by making the village aware of Tompkins programs that would benefit the village. He supports our applications for NY State and Federal programs. Mike helps the Town of Dryden and other communities similarly. His history allows him to better service our community by knowing who, what and how to get things done for his district.

Re-elect Mike Lane, he has done a very good job and will continue to work for a better community, village, district, Town of Dryden and county to live in. The present Town of Dryden Board and Superintendent have been very cooperative with the Village of Dryden which the village and I appreciate. The village is very fortunate having a good working relationship with the Town of Dryden and Tompkins County. Mike Lane has my vote and so do Jason Leifer, Dan Lamb, Leonardo Vargas-Mendez, and Rick Young—running for re-election in the Town of Dryden.

Michael Murphy

Dryden, NY