TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.—In a press release Thursday night, the Tompkins County Democratic Committee announced that its leadership had voted unanimously to call for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation.

The resignation call follows the publication of New York State Attorney General Letitia James’ report that verified myriad claims of sexual misconduct made against Cuomo by 11 women in and out of state government regarding incidents over the last several years. Since the report dropped, a wave of people on either side of the political aisle have called for Cuomo to leave office.

“We are in complete solidarity and fully support these women who have been harassed in a hostile and toxic workplace, and we thank them for having the courage to come forward with their testimony,” the TCDC wrote. “Though the governor has over the years championed important social causes and reforms, our confidence in Governor Cuomo’s leadership has been compromised irreparably and we urge him to resign immediately.”

The TCDC additionally threw their support behind Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, declaring “full confidence” in Hochul’s leadership and governing abilities. Their statement comes on the heels of similar sentiments expressed by New York State Senator Tom O’Mara (R) and New York State Assemblymember Anna Kelles (D).

Matt Butler

Matt Butler is the Managing Editor at the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached by email at