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ITHACA, N.Y.—An Ithaca native, Dr. Nia Nunn has been an Associate Professor of Education, Psychology, and Women & Gender Studies at Ithaca College since 2013. She serves as the Board of Directors President for the Southside Community Center and is the Executive Director of the Community University Music Education Program. Additionally, she is a mother, artist, activist, author, and consultant within the Ithaca community and across the nation. On her various roles, Dr. Nunn shared, “(As) a mother to three boys, an artist, and yogi, I see that I have a role, responsibility, and privilege to encourage and model radiance, empowerment, and permission.”

Most recently, Dr. Nunn was instrumental in the coordination of Ithaca’s Juneteenth and Kwanzaa programs. Local activist and volunteer at the Southside Community Center Ken Glover said, “Some of Dr. Nia Nunn’s achievements in the Ithaca community include successfully obtaining funding to provide essential support services for African American girls and teenagers at Southside Community Center. She is also a professor at Ithaca College and encourages her students to volunteer to participate in public service projects at Southside Community Center.”

Jennifer Tavares, President and CEO of the Tompkins Chamber, shared, “I would like to thank Dr. Nunn for her steadfast commitment and remarkable contributions to our community. Through her education, leadership, and activism, Dr. Nunn consistently advocates for Ithaca’s Black community, and helps us understand how we can do better.”

Tompkins Trust Company President and CEO Greg Hartz stated, “Tompkins Trust Company is pleased to acknowledge Dr. Nunn, who is incredibly deserving of this award.”

To show the community’s appreciation for her work, Dr. Nunn will be awarded a Community Hero of the Month plaque as well as a gift certificate to Downtown Ithaca from Tompkins Trust Company.