ITHACA, N.Y. –– Sitting down at their kitchen table Jessica Doto and her daughter, Francesca Figueiredo, decided they had to “galvanize” each other to push forward with opening their own space aimed at making people feel more beautiful. Months later, Doto and Figueiredo opened Galvanic on the Ithaca Commons.

Officially opened in February Galvanic Med Spa, located above the American Made craft shop, was welcomed by City officials and representatives from the Downtown Ithaca Alliance with a ribbon-cutting earlier this month.

The mother-daughter duo offer services that include high-quality skin care, medical aesthetics, wellness, and nutritional counseling, to name a few. A full list of services can be found on their website

“I wanted to use my medical expertise to offer a variety of high-end beauty treatments and create a space for people to find overall wellness. We felt the downtown community was the perfect place to host these services because the location is convenient for our clients and downtown is a hub for business activity,” Doto said. 

Doto emphasized that Galvanic is not just beauty, their focus is on taking care of the body from the inside out and has a more nutritional approach in addition to the skin health offered.

 DIA Executive Director Gary Ferguson added to this sentiment saying, “We are thrilled to have this new service join our business district. Jessica Doto’s wealth of experience in the medical field is sure to benefit many people. We thank Jessica for making a commitment to our community by investing in a bricks-and-mortar location in the heart of downtown.”

In addition to running Galvanic, Doto is also a board-certified nurse practitioner who works in Cayuga Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit while Figueiredo is a certified esthetician and medical assistant that also enjoys makeup art and application.

“I’ve worked [at Cayuga Hospital] for about four years now, around 10 days a month,” said Doto. “Trying to flip back and forth between the two is really hard…I knew that going into this.” 

A New Jersey resident turned Ithacan following her husband’s retirement, Doto had two other practices in the Garden State that she said were solely focused on beauty and injectables, but she noted that Galvanic is different. 

“We’re having it migrate into more of a holistic health practice not just the beauty side of things which is a lot different,” said Doto. “It’s a different approach and I like it a lot better.”

In terms of being a mother-daughter business, Doto said that she and her daughter both have fun working together and that is elevated by their mutual respect for one another personally and professionally.

Doto also mentioned that Galvanic is in the process of expanding its services.

“The business is building and we’re getting more clients, more patients, on a more consistent basis which is really nice,” said Doto. “My hope is that this becomes my full-time practice.”

Mikayla Rovenolt

Mikayla Rovenolt interns with the Ithaca Voice and is also a contributing writer for Queers for a Cause, an online based Lgbtq news and advocacy blog. Tips or stories? Contact