ITHACA, N.Y.—Police are investigating an incident Sunday evening that involved a bullet being shot into a home in the 200 block of First Street. The house was not occupied at the time.

Police responded around 7:52 p.m. on July 25 after a resident reported that a bullet “had been shot into their home.” A bullet hole was found in the “wood frame of their window,” according to the police’s press release.

“Further investigation did confirm that a bullet traveled into the residence,” said the release. “No persons were injured. An investigation regarding the incident is being conducted.”

Police are asking for help from anyone who was in the area of 200 First Street on Sunday between 6:52 p.m. and 7:52 p.m. Additionally, they want anyone in the area who have surveillance systems facing the road to check the recorded footage.

The following options can be used to contact Ithaca Police:
Police Dispatch: (607)272-3245
Police Administration: (607)272-9973
Police Tipline: (607)330-0000
Anonymous Tip Submission:

Matt Butler

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