TRUMANSBURG, N.Y. –– Just as the school year is coming to a close, a spate of COVID-19 has infected five in the Trumansburg Central School District, and sent more into mandatory quarantine.

The first case, which was a high school student, was reported on May 18 and since then four additional cases have been reported—three elementary school students and a middle schooler.

According to TCSD Superintendent Kimberly Bell, “the incidents seem to be much more isolated as many of our community members have received the vaccine.” Nonetheless, Bell reminds both parents and children to, “please continue to be vigilant in your safety with social distancing in public and mask-wearing for those not yet vaccinated” when on school grounds.

In a district-wide announcement goes on to say the schools will be revisiting on-campus COVID policies, in alignment with new Health Department guidance. She informed parents that the information will be sent immediately.

Anna Lamb

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