This is a letter to the editor from Ithaca Board of Education member Moira Lang in support of legislature candidate Nicole LaFave. To submit opinion letters, please review our letters policy here and submit them to Anna Lamb at

To the editor: The residents of District 1 of the Tompkins County Legislature have an extraordinary opportunity to be represented by an insightful, skilled visionary named Nicole LaFave.

I have had the privilege to work and learn with and from Ms. LaFave for five years on the Ithaca City School District Board of Education. She is everything our community needs in a legislator. Her passion and natural talents are impressive. And I have been awed by the growth I have seen in her over the years in her leadership skills. During the most challenging months of the pandemic, Nicole has been a bridge-builder. She asks probing questions that make her listeners think about angles they hadn’t considered, especially when concerning the impact on marginalized sectors of our community.

Nicole’s commitment to the work is enormous and her character irreproachable. We in Tompkins County are lucky to have her focus her talents and energy on this community. She may well move on to serve the state or the nation.