ITHACA, N.Y. –– Back for its annual return, the Downtown Ithaca Alliance is hosting the “Bite of Ithaca,” a 6-day long food tour throughout downtown Ithaca. The event, which started Monday, spans the week of June 14 to June 20 and features over a dozen different local Ithaca restaurants offering $5 lunch and dinner “bites”  as a way to explore all that the downtown culinary scene has to offer without breaking the bank. 

The event’s website states that those interested can enjoy “any and all” of the $5 food options to curate their own custom Ithaca dining experience to taste.

“Bite of Ithaca” also features an incentive to those with diverse palates. The “Bite Passport” allows diners to collect signatures with the hope of winning a $100 gift certificate to a participating restaurant of their choosing. 

Gorgers Subs in Downtown Ithaca is another one of the restaurants being featured with “Bite of Ithaca”. Barton Diamond, Gorgers owner, is looking to offer local Ithaca foodies something different daily by changing their $5 “Bite” deal throughout the week.

“I’m gonna switch it up throughout the week instead of doing the same thing all week,” said Diamond, “When this is gone (homemade chipotle corn fritters), I’m gonna do something new just to keep it fresh.” 

Diamond also hopes to share, “a different culinary flair” with all homemade goods. So far, his flair has attracted plenty of patrons looking for a bite.

“Like with any Ithaca event… we’ve been getting a lot of people participating”, Diamond said.

Ooy’s Cafe and Deli in Downtown Ithaca, which opened less than a year ago in the old Collegetown Bagels location on North Aurora has not been as successful getting folks in the door –– but they hope that changes.

“Hopefully we will keep getting the word out and more and more people will attend,” DeMarco said. 

 The local breakfast, lunch, and brunch spot is offering a $5 pastry and coffee of your choice as their “bite” and offers a more early option to those looking to enjoy the event. 

“ We offer indoor seating, it’s a good place for people to come in, relax and drink your coffee,” Samantha DeMarco, an Ooy’s barista, said. 

She added, “some of our pastries are homemade by Bonner, our owner.” 

You can view all the vendors participating on the Bite of Ithaca website and purchase a “Bite Passport” here.  

Desiree Holz

Desiree Holz is an intern at the Ithaca Voice and a rising-junior journalism student at Ithaca College. Feel free to email her with tips!