TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.—The tone shift from the Tompkins County Health Department over the last six weeks or so has been stark, from a measured but enthusiastic vaccine push, somewhat hamstrung by supply from New York State, to a more frenetic effort marked by the opening of walk-in appointments and far-reaching clinics.

According to Public Health Director Frank Kruppa, the county is now officially in a place where the supply of the vaccine is outpacing demand.

While the weekly vaccine allocations to Tompkins County have stayed the same or increased since April 1, vaccine demand has waned. According to the New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker, 13,4

There is, notably, a substantial amount of the population that isn’t currently able to receive the vaccination. Only Pfizer’s vaccine has been approved for people 16 and over (as opposed to 18 and over for the other available vaccines), meaning that the supply is lessened for that group, and that no vaccines are available for people under 16 years old. That could change as soon as next week, but until it does, 10-12 percent of the county’s population will remain unvaccinated through no choice of their own.

Matt Butler

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