LANSING, N.Y.—Two people were taken to the hospital, including one via helicopter, and two boats were immobilized after a collision on Cayuga Lake near Myers Point in Lansing on Wednesday afternoon.

Four people total were involved in the accident, which involved one fishing boat colliding with a much smaller metal boat. The two people in the fishing boat were not injured, while the two people who were in the smaller boat were taken from the scene in ambulances—one was later flown via helicopter to a hospital, according to county Emergency Services Coordinator Justin Vann and Lansing Fire Department Assistant Chief Dennis Griffin.

There was no information immediately available at the scene about the condition of the two men injured in the accident. One of them sustained a laceration to his head while another was said to have hit his head during the crash.

“It’s just a terrible accident,” said one of the men in the fishing boat who described how the accident occurred. He said they simply never saw the smaller fishing boat while they were driving and collided with it. One of the injured men was ejected from the boat upon impact, while the other was rescued later from the boat. “Thank God nobody was killed.”

The boats were later towed in, still wedged together, by Finger Lakes Marine Service.

Ithaca Fire Department, Lansing Fire Department, New York State Police and Bangs Ambulance were all observed on scene.

Matt Butler

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