ITHACA, N.Y. –– Crews from the Bolton Point Municipal Water System will be working in the coming weeks to service its water transmission main beneath Mulholland Wildflower Preserve. Hikers utilizing the scenic park should be advised that parking may be limited, though trails will still be open.

“There’s a small portion of the lot fenced off,” said Steve Riddle, General Manager at Bolton Point. “There will still be parking and a detour around the construction site –– people can still hike there.

Traffic may also be delayed on Giles Street as construction equipment is brought in and out, so be wary if you’re planning a visit.

Riddle explained that the work being done by his crews is part of a larger ongoing effort to build secondary pipelines alongside existing water mains in order to be able to make repairs if there was a leak while maintaining water service. This is the third installation of its kind with more projects on the horizon.

“Transmission mains keep water storage tanks full of water,” Riddle said. “And there are 24 storage tanks.”

Over the past four years, the same process has been repeated on a main underneath Route 13 and Cayuga Lake.

Anna Lamb

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