TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.—Mother Nature has now apparently decided to contribute to the already substantial supply chain problems of the COVID-19 vaccination in Tompkins County.

The county health department announced Wednesday that the planned 800 doses of COVID-19 vaccine will not arrive this week, information that had been relayed to them today by the state, due to the impending weather. However, the pop-up clinic on Feb. 19 at Beverly J. Martin school is still being held, which will allow 200 people who are grocery workers and P-12 school workers to receive the vaccination. Another 100 additional shots that had been announced for the clinic, for people who are 65 and over with comorbidities, will apparently not arrive. Registrations for that clinic are being done through the Greater Ithaca Activities Center, meaning a link is not being distributed for people to sign up independently.

Appointments that had been made for a vaccination this week for eligible, prioritized populations, which include healthcare workers, grocery workers, P-12 school workers, and individuals age 65 and older with comorbidities living at Titus Towers and McGraw House, will be honored in the future when supply of the vaccine is made available.

“We are disappointed to not be receiving our local vaccine supply this week. Unfortunately, there are events out of our control, and we are not the only county affected by this delay. We cannot confirm when the clinic will be rescheduled for until we know we have vaccine. We recognize people had expectations to receive a vaccine this week and we will follow up with each person who was registered to make sure they are notified of this change and will be rescheduled for an appointment,” stated Frank Kruppa, Public Health Director. “The Health Department makes every effort to wait for confirmation from the State or delivery of the vaccine doses prior to registering people for vaccine appointments to avoid this kind of situation. While we will not administer as much vaccine as we planned this week, we are still glad the pop-up is happening downtown. Every person we vaccinate makes our community safer and more protected from the virus.”

More information may be available at the county’s COVID-19 Town Hall today at 5 p.m. on YouTube. Town halls are available for viewing after they are finished at the same link.

Matt Butler

Matt Butler is the Managing Editor at the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached by email at