ITHACA, N.Y.—Drivers should be mindful of their parking spaces around the City of Ithaca this weekend, as snow removal efforts will render some spots uninhabitable for drivers.

The city’s Department of Public Works will be performing snow removal operations, according to the city, beginning Feb. 6. Signs are posted throughout the city indicating where drivers should not park, reading “No Parking, Tow Away Zone.” Pretty straight-forward.

Towings will take place at the owner’s expense, with $200 per tow and a $50 storage fee after the first 24 hours. The signs are placed throughout downtown and the Collegetown district.

“These snow removal efforts are mandatory for the safe functioning of the City and we appreciate your cooperation as we continue to dig out,” the city said in its announcement.

Matt Butler

Matt Butler is the Managing Editor at the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached by email at