Letter to the editor.

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest editorial written by Martha Robertson, Tompkins County Legislature, District 13 (Town of Dryden, west), as an endorsement of Leslie Schill. 

As a County Legislator myself, I was thrilled to see Leslie Schill running for the County Legislature seat in District 2! Knowledge and experience are critical, as the winner of the March 23 election will be sworn in right away to fill the vacancy. There won’t be any time to “watch and learn” from outside.
I’ve worked with Leslie since she was a senior planner in the County’s Planning Department, 13 years ago. Her major areas of responsibility were affordable housing and environmental sustainability. She was always a problem-solver with the ability to bring people together, which was why she was tasked with spearheading development of a sustainability plan for our 8-county region. We at the County were chagrined when Cornell recognized Leslie’s value and hired her, and now she leads the Campus Planning Office.
We wouldn’t let Leslie go completely, however! She now serves as Vice Chair of the Tompkins County Planning Advisory Board and is a Program Oversight Committee member of the Community Housing Development Fund, a partnership of the County, City, and Cornell. I’ve been delighted that I’ve had the chance to keep working with her in those roles.
Leslie’s progressive vision is important as well. I’m so impressed with her focus on public health – broadly defined. Fighting against COVID-19 is a given, but her vision expands to include mental health, racial injustice, strong public schools, environmental health and safety, affordable housing, economic well-being, and childcare – all areas where she will fight for progress.
A mom of two kids in the public schools, Leslie has been “walking the walk,” actually getting things done for the community. Leslie Schill has what it takes to be a terrific legislator and advocate for all the residents of District 2. Please vote for her on March 23; polls are open 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Martha Robertson