UPDATE: This story has been updated. The Ithaca Police Department put two different addresses in its original press release, but the incident occurred in the 300 block of South Cayuga Street, not the 300 block of North Cayuga Street.

Original Story:

ITHACA, N.Y.—Police are investigating a robbery complaint that allegedly occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 16.

Two victims of the robbery reported it at IPD headquarters in person. They were in a residence in the 300 block of South Cayuga Street when “multiple unidentified suspects entered the residence without permission with one displaying a firearm.”

The two residents were then ordered to give the suspects money and other items. The person with the firearm caused minor injuries to one of the victims when they were struck with the firearm in the face. The two victims subsequently escaped out of a window in the house and fled to Ithaca Police headquarters on Clinton Street.

Police were unable to locate any suspects upon a following investigation. The investigation is ongoing and police are not releasing any further information. Anyone with further information regarding the situation is encouraged to contact the Ithaca Police Department and may remain anonymous.

Police Dispatch: (607) 272-3245

Police Administration: (607) 272-9973

Police Tipline: (607) 330-0000

Email: policeinfo@cityofithaca.org

Anonymous Tip Submission: www.cityofithaca.org/iipdtips

Matt Butler

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