TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.—Tompkins County legislator Mike Sigler is seeking another term in the legislature, representing the Sixth District. Though not consecutively, Sigler has served on the legislature for 11 years.

The Sixth District contains most of the Town of Lansing. Sigler, a Republican, served as the Chair of the legislature for a time early last year, when he was temporarily appointed as other legislators grappled for the position.

“I’ve done the best I can to represent everyone in the Town of Lansing,” Sigler said in his announcement. “When someone calls, I don’t ask their party or question if it’s in my wheelhouse. I address the issue at hand directly if possible, or get them the help they need from other branches of government that needs to take care of the issue. I’m here to serve the residents of Lansing.”

In a press release, Sigler touted his service on each committee in the county, as well as work to expand Lansing’s job base. This will result, he said, in making the town not “just a bedroom community for surrounding towns and the City of Ithaca that have ample supplies.”

To that end, Sigler wrote about increasing broadband access to Town of Lansing constituents and elsewhere, as well as improving traffic patterns around Myers Road and pushing for farmland protections from utility grade solar panel installations that would have covered thousands of acres.

Sigler becomes the eighth member of the legislature to announce his re-election plans, following Mike Lane earlier this week and six candidates who made their announcement together last week.

Matt Butler

Matt Butler is the Managing Editor at the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached by email at