LANSING, N.Y. — There’s one in Enfield, one in Dryden, one in Lansing, another one under construction in Dryden…and the new Dollar General stores just keep on coming. The large-footprint, small-scale national retailer has submitted plans for another Lansing location.

Plans submitted to the Town of Lansing call for a new 9,100 square-foot store (their standard footprint size) near the northern Tompkins County line on the west side of NYS Route 34 / Auburn Road, across from Lansing Fire Station No. 4 at 1189 Auburn Road (a.k.a. “North Lansing”). The site of the store is a five-acre property with a few homes clustered on the southern end next to Decamp Road; the store would be built on a subdivided 2.1-acre lot created from the northern half of the parcel, which is currently a vacant field. Paperwork filed with the town indicates the current landowners agreed to a deal with Dollar General back in May.

In the past decade, Dollar General has opened locations in Tompkins County at 169 North Street in Dryden village, another in the Town of Lansing at 1989 East Shore Drive, and a third at 2124 Mecklenburg Road in Enfield. A fourth is currently under construction at 1410 Dryden Road in the town of Dryden. The new location would be about six miles north and a ten-minute drive from the existing Lansing store. The new location is intended to serve North Lansing, Groton, and the Cayuga County towns of Genoa and Locke.

As planned, the store would also include 37 parking spaces and the usual complement of landscaping, signage and lighting. Truck deliveries would occur at the rear. The new Dollar General would cost about $1 million to build and could be assembled in about three months once construction starts, which would likely be in early 2021 if the town’s approvals process is smooth and continuous.

The rapidly-growing discount retail firm counts some 16,000 stores in its portfolio, with plans to open 1,000 more during the year 2020, a pace of about twenty per week. Some 75% of the nation’s population lives within five miles of a Dollar General. The plan is to saturate rural and semi-rural markets to establish dominance in smaller communities that are too rural or modestly-sized to be profitable for larger discount retailers such as Wal-Mart.

The Albany office of Bohler Engineering, a civil engineering firm that frequently does work for national retail chains, is handling the engineering and approvals paperwork on behalf of Dollar General’s corporate offices.

Brian Crandall

Brian Crandall reports on housing and development for the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached at