ITHACA, N.Y. — Ithaca Police Department said on Friday that its number has been used in attempted scam calls, similar to the scam call reported Thursday by the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office.

In a press release Friday, the department said they have been made aware of scam calls across the United States posing as IPD’s main phone line.

The calls involve a subject seeking bail money for a family member who they say is in police custody. In some versions of the call, the caller pretends to be a family member seeking money.

IPD is reminding the public that the department does not seek or collect money in this manner.

IPD’s confirmation of scam calls using its number comes a day after a public safety advisory issued by the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office reporting TCSO’s number being used to defraud an individual of $20,000 to resolve an arrest warrant in Chicago.

TCSO also believes its phone number was “ghosted” to make it appear that the call was coming from the office.