ITHACA, N.Y. —Ithaca Fire Department’s Rope Rescue Team was dispatched to 30-foot Dam near Giles Street for another rescue operation Tuesday.

The team was called when Tompkins County Dispatch received a call for a woman who injured herself after jumping about 50 feet into the water.

Bangs Ambulance Paramedics accompanied IFD again to rescue the injured woman who was still in the water. The woman was being held above water by friends and was rescued by being secured in a back-board by IFD. She was pulled up out of the water with a rescue basket and rope system. After the paramedics treated her, she was transported to an area hospital. 

This is the sixth time this month that the Rope Rescue team was dispatched, the previous one being on Sunday, also at 30-foot Dam as well. They have also received two other calls to the 30-foot Damn, in addition to calls from Coddington Road and Lake Street,  IFD said in a press release. 

IFD, once again, stressed that although they are trained for such rescue operations, residents should be vigilant and avoid hiking and swimming in restricted areas.