ITHACA, N.Y. — Ithaca Fire Department Technical Rescue Team responded to a college-aged male swimmer injured after slipping and falling into the gorge.

IFD, Bangs Ambulance and Ithaca Police Department were dispatched Thursday, the most recent in a string of similar rescues at an unofficial swimming area in the City of Ithaca.

IFD and paramedics located a male with leg injuries, cuts and contusions after slipping on the rocks and falling from approximately 12 feet.

Rescuers treated his injuries and then loaded them in a rescue basket and hauled them up and out of the ravine. Bangs then transported them to an area hospital.

The Ithaca Police Department ticketed and towed multiple illegally parked cars which made access for First Responders difficult.

“Multiple times this season, crews have responded in this area for people with various injures from jumping or falling near the dams,” said IFD Assistant Chief Thomas Basher Jr. in a press release Friday morning. “Firefighters often must use rope and ladder systems to get, victims and Rescuers, out safely. These rescues take time and skilled people to make them successful.”

Basher goes on to again ask swimmers and hikers to only hike on approved paths and never swim in any restricted locations. “Heed all warning signs, use common sense and please be safe this summer!”