ITHACA, N.Y. –– More uplifting news has come out of Cayuga Medical Center regarding a long-term hospitalization from COVID-19.

After 93-year-old coronavirus patient Margaret Melens was released from the hospital on Tuesday to a round of applause, the news came that CMC’s first long-term patient, Joan Murphy has been released 57 days after being admitted into the Emergency Department due to coronavirus complications.

Murphy, 71, checked herself into Cayuga Medical Center on March 31. She said she was very sick, and is excited to spend some time catching up with her family who was rooting for her recovery.

“It will be nice to get home and Skype with my entire family and just be home,” she said.

Like Melens, Murphy got a send-off from staff with well wishes and applause.

“Ms. Murphy had a long and tough battle, and was extremely determined to beat coronavirus,” Martin Stallone, CEO of Cayuga Health said on Thursday. “It was through her strong will and with the managed coordinated care of our doctors, nurses and therapists, that we were able to send her home today.”

Murphy said the biggest thing preventing her from going home was her inability going up and down stairs because of her declining heath, but that CMC physical therapy and nurses at the hospital have helped her get her independence back after being sick.

“They’ve been solidly behind me, helping me each step,” she said.

Anna Lamb

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