Letter to the editor.
This is a letter to the editor from local health care providers. To submit opinion letters, please review our letters policy here and submit them to Managing Editor Thomas Giery Pudney at tgpudney@ithacavoice.com.

As health professionals, we are writing this letter because we believe one of our local candidates for State Assembly poses a danger. In this time of heightened communal responsibility for public health we feel the need to express our deep misgivings both about Sujata Sidhu Gibson’s opposition to policy on childhood vaccinations, a critical component of our shared public health, and the strategies she has employed in supporting her positions.

Ms. Gibson has not only propagated and defended selectively chosen, often questionable scientific articles, but she has also demonstrated an unwillingness to listen to scientific expertise. She has used her strong voice in our community to amplify isolated and misleading data; attempts by members of our community to engage her public assertions on public health have not yielded helpful debate or community-building education. Her dogmatic attempts to influence opinion and failure to engage in fact-based discussion are dangers in an elected official at a time when facts are of the utmost importance.

With the current infectious pandemic causing drastic reductions in childhood vaccination rates for hibernating diseases and in recognition that the current science-naive national leadership is costing tens of thousands of lives, disproportionately lives of people of color, it would be a truly dangerous moment to elect someone of Ms. Gibson’s convictions and strategies of persuasion to represent our region at the state level.

There is a strong field in this important race. We urge you to vote (6/16 is the last day to mail applications for absentee ballots) and to do so in support of a different candidate who will defend public health policy and work with our public health and medical communities.

Michelle Adelewitz, MSHS, BSN, RN

Monica Anderson, RN

Tim Anderson, RN

Maya Aponte, MD

Stewart Auyash, PhD, MPH

Melissa Ayala, PA-C

Timothy Bael, MD

Diane Bennett, RN

Brian Bollo, MD, FACS

Mary Buknam, PA

Kent Bullis, MD

Catherine Cannariato, MD, FAAFP

Julie Carpenter, RN

Jessica Casey, DO, FAAP

Barbara Cerza, RN

Desiree Cochran, RN

Jessica Conner, PsyD

Devin Coppola, MD

Risa Cyr, MD

Audrey DeSilva, MD, FAAP

Jeannine D’Estries, NP-C

Melissa Dhundale, MD, FAAP

Mary Driesch, MD, FAAFP

Sarah Forsyth, RN

Cora Foster, MD, FACS

Emilee Frazier, RN

Sarah Friga, RN

Ginny Graydon, RN

Judy Griffin, MD

Caitlyn Griffin, DMP

Jada Hamilton, MD, FAFP

Kathleen Harrington, RN

Judy Hoffman, MS, RN

Catherine Husa, MD

Jessica Hoff, PA-C

Margaret Hurley, DO

Anne C. Jones, DO, MPH

Sandra Koch, RN

Brian Kramer, DO

Jennifer Krause, RN

Beth Kutler, NP

Kathleen Lacson, CRNA, FMHNP-BC

Adam Law, MD, FRCP, FFPH

Tom Leeson, DO

Joyce Leslie, MD

C. Vivian Lorenzo, MD

Christine Lux, RN

Diane Marabella, RN

Josephine C. McAllister, MD, FAAD

Louise McGarry, RN

Lori McLaughlin, RN

Sue Haas Mueller, MSN, RN, CDE, CNE

John Paul Mead, MD

John Mecenas, MD, FACS

Gen Meredith, DrPH(c), OTR, MPH

Dvorah Milner, MD, FACOG

Tina Min, RN

Amy Morris, RN

Nicole Pagano, PharmD

Mariah Peiretti, MD

Donna Pierre, MD

Elizabeth Plocharczyk, MD

Bryan Powell, PA

Linda Radomski, MD

Marie Richardson, NP

Ashu Ruparelia, MD, AAO, HNS

Kathyn Rooth, DO

Liz Bogel Ryan, MD

Maria Saccuccimorano, RN

Aaron Sasson, MD

Jillian Senner, DO

Laura Sidari, MD

Caryl Silberman, RN

Howard Silcoff, MD

Jeffrey D. Snedeker, MD, FAAP

Julie Specht, MD

Alicia Steele, RN

Sandra Studin, RN

Lynn Swisher, MD, FACC

Sandra Thananart, MD

Ann Tucker, RN

Marguerite Uphoff, MD, MPH, FAAP

Justine Waldman, MD, FACEP

Jill Whitener, RN

Serena Yoon, MD

Barbara Wood, NP

Lillian Yavits, RN