ITHACA, N.Y. — Parents and caregivers will have even more options for summer fun after Mayor Svante Myrick announced on Friday that the City of Ithaca will reopen playgrounds after receiving an anonymous $25,000 donation.

“We were approached by an anonymous donor, somebody who wants to remain anonymous, but is really worried about young people and especially young families and making sure folks had someplace to go to get out of the house and get some recreation and they offered, and we’ve accepted, a $25,000 donation, which is incredible,” said Myrick in a Facebook Live Friday morning. “And is going to allow us to recall from furlough some of our employees so that they can start a regimen of disinfection and sanitizing all of the playgrounds in the entire city.”

The donation means that beginning next week, all city playgrounds will reopen next week and will be sanitized twice daily by city staff.

“Really moving stuff, especially on the heels of that huge set of donation by Purity Ice Cream, $80,000, and the Legacy Foundation at $8,000, allowing us to reopen Alex Haley Pool at GIAC, which is huge,” added Myrick.

Additional donations for youth services are still being accepted via The United Way, to Friends of the Ithaca Youth Bureau.

Watch Mayor Myricks Facebook Live announcement below: