ITHACA, N.Y. –– A new tool has been developed by the City of Ithaca that looks to connect self-isolated customers with local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘We are resilient’ is a crowdsourced database that highlights local businesses that are adjusting their revenue sources and offering services during the pandemic put together by Deputy Director of Economic Development, Thomas Knipe and Ruth Aslanis and Melanie Bruce from the city’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program. The database will be hosted on multiple sites, including the Ithaca Voice. 

“It’s been a wonderful collaboration, everyone has been rolling up their sleeves and working together to do what they can,” Knipe said.

The City of Ithaca GIS Program manages hardware and programs that allow city staff to collect, manage, visualize and use local geographic data –– making this project a perfect fit for the GIS team.

The We Are Resilient Business Dashboard is meant to connect local business with their customers while maintaining social distance.

“We had this idea that because we can set up these dashboards and because we can really quickly crowdsource information we can contribute that,” Aslanis said. “All of us have the desire to use our capacity to make a difference right now.”

Businesses can submit their information via a form as part of “We Are Resilient.” Information appears on the database dashboard in alphabetical order, and can be sorted through based on the type of business –– i.e. food service, health and wellness etc. –– or based on what special offers or services are available.

Non-profits who have been forced to close are also welcome to submit their information on how to support them during COVID, in addition to those who are providing services directly related to COVID-19 response and recovery.