ITHACA, N.Y. — The City of Ithaca has announced several changes to parking enforcement and trash services, according to a live broadcast from Mayor Svante Myrick on Thursday.

The first change, meant to slow the spread of COVID-19, is making all on-street parking in Ithaca free until further notice.

“We’re already seeing that a lot of spaces are empty as businesses are closed down, as people are successfully executing social distancing, which is a good thing,” Myrick said in his broadcast from City Hall. “But we want to make it even easier, which means you won’t have to use the parking meters anymore, you won’t have to queue up behind other people as they’re waiting to use the meters. And we hope, this will free up curb space so that our restaurants that have gone to take out only will have an easier job doing pick up and delivery.”

Community Service Officers will continue to enforce other parking regulations like accessibility and 24-hour parking limits. The changes also provide three hours of free parking in every City of Ithaca parking garage.

The city is also suspending the trash tag requirement for curbside garbage disposal.

“A lot of the businesses that sold these tags, including City Hall, are no longer open to the public,” said Myrick. “And we don’t want you to have to live and store trash in your home.”

In his post, Myrick says that the city is tracking the financial implications of the decisions the city is making will plan to seek reimbursement as they become available.