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TCAT’s winter-spring service will be in effect from Sun., Jan. 19, through Sat., May 23, with mostly minor changes and a return to full operations following reduced service during the holiday break.

Passengers should check online or printed schedules for specific changes to make sure when to be at their stops. The Winter/Spring 2020 TCAT Schedules & Service Guide will soon be available online. The printed version will be available in the coming days at TCAT bus shelters, including Green Street Station and Seneca Street Station. Those who wish to have printed schedules mailed to them can call (607) 277-RIDE (7433) or email TCAT at, or stop by the front desk at TCAT, 737 Willow Ave., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.

Please note: Starting Jan. 19, TCAT will begin serving only designated stops (at marked bus stops and as indicated on schedules) in the villages of Trumansburg, Dryden, and Groton. This will NOT change service to regular rural service flag zone areas, including the trips to and from Trumansburg, Dryden, and Groton, or any of TCAT’s other routes with flag zone areas. Those riders will still be able to flag the bus at safe locations along bus routes.

No changes to routes: 10, 11S, 14, 15, 30, 32, 51, 52, 53, 65, 70, 72, 81, 83, 83W, 90 and 92. Routes 10 continue using Stewart Ave. Route 30, weekend 70 and 51 will continue to use College Ave. until its closing in early spring.

Route adjustments, mostly minor to improve efficiency, will impact routes: 11, 11N, 13, 14S, 17, 20, 21, 31, 36, 37, 43, 67, 74, 75, 77, 82 and 93.

Passengers are urged to consult schedules as trips have been adjusted earlier and later. Riders are also advised to look for service information and updates at TCAT’s Bus Tracker or find out how to download apps here.

Route changes in brief:

Route 11: Longview outbound trips will be demand drop-off for the first three and last three trips of the day due to low ridership. Passengers who need to be dropped off should alert their bus operator by pulling the yellow cord.

Route 11N: Eliminated some inbound and outbound stops at the Towers on Ithaca College campus. Late-night trips restored (that were eliminated first half of January) now that classes are back in session.

Route 13: Minor adjustments.

Route 14S: Major change. Timing adjustments. Will serve as a loop and all outbound West Hill to Overlook Apartments and Cayuga Meadows trips. Inbound trips will then become express trips from Cliff southwest shopping centers (Wegmans, Tops and Walmart area). Schedule will remain the same seven days a week.

Route 17: Minor adjustments reflecting changes to other routes.

Route 20: Minor adjustments to include 2nd outbound and inbound trips two minutes earlier.

Route 21: Minor adjustments with 2nd, 3rd and 4th outbound trips two minutes earlier

Route 31: Minor adjustments.

Route 36: Minor adjustments.

Route 37: Minor adjustments. Warren @ Farrell no longer listed as a timepoint on schedules (but will still be served.) Villages Solars North listed as a timepoint.

Route 40: Inbound timing adjustments as NYS Rt. 38 bridge construction is completed.

Route 43: Inbound timing adjustments as Route 38 bridge construction is completed. Several inbound timing adjustments. All inbound trips 4 minutes earlier starting at Freeville. Also 4 minutes earlier (or 8:03 p.m.) for the next to last inbound trip starting from TC3.

Route 67: Three short trips added to accommodate services at Tompkins Community Action near the Elmira @ Spencer stop. Last trip on Sunday will run 15 minutes earlier.

Route 74: Timing adjustments with 1st outbound and 1st inbound trips running 5 minutes earlier and the second outbound and inbound trips running 10 minutes earlier.

Route 75: Timing adjustments to address lateness.

Route 77: Warren @ Farrell no longer a timepoint published in schedule (but will still be a stop.) Villages Solar North listed as a timepoint.

Route 82: Resume operating at 10 minute intervals all day (from 20 minutes during the first half of January during holiday break.)

Route 90: Late night trips restored (that were eliminated first half of January) now that the holiday break is over.

Route 92: Late night trips restored (that were eliminated first half of January) now that the holiday break is over.

Route 93: First trip operating 10 minutes earlier and second trip running 5 minutes earlier. Remaining 5 trips will serve East Hill Plaza inbound at Pine Tree @ East Hill Plaza, instead of the East Hill Plaza stop.

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