ITHACA, N.Y. –– Deputy Aaron Thompson and Deputy Neil Shipman of the Sheriff’s Department have been honored with the Officer of the Month Award by the Ithaca-Cayuga Kiwanis Club on Monday for their efforts using CPR during two incidents in 2019.

On March 18 in the town of Lansing, Deputy Aaron Thompson was called to the scene of a cardiac arrest. Upon his arrival, he witnessed a 72-year-old female victim not breathing. Deputy Thompson immediately began chest compressions until the victim starting breathing again. Once emergency medical services arrived on scene, Deputy Thompson assisted by making notifications to members of the family.

The victim has unfortunately passed away in the time since.

Deputy Thompson was a family friend of the woman, having graduated from school with her daughter.

“As a cop, we see some bad stuff,” Thompson said. “To have (CPR) succeed on the mother of a friend, it’s nice to see it succeed, and the good we can do.”

Tompkins County Sheriff pointed out the relationship his deputies have in the community.

“These are people in our community. They grew up here, went to school here,” he said.

The second award went to Deputy Neil Shipman, who on May 28 in the Town of Newfield administered life-saving CPR to a 2-year-old boy who was found lifeless in his crib.

The boy had been injured when a television set fell on top of him. Deputy Shipman revived the child, and medical professionals took over at the scene.

District Attorney Matt Van Houten thanked the officers for their quick responses.

“Each one of you didn’t hesitate to do what you needed to do,” he said.

Anna Lamb

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