UPDATE (10:48 a.m.) –– The Ithaca Quik Shoppe has resumed gas pump operations following a spill on Thursday afternoon.

“We had a gas spill yesterday that temporarily closed our gas operations. We had DEC, Environmental Company & Ithaca Fire Department on site,” said Sakshi Malhotra from Quik Shoppe Ithaca. “The Fire Department did a great job responding to the spill. We are now reopened.”

Earlier ––

ITHACA, N.Y. –– A gas spill Thursday morning has shut down gas pump operations at the Ithaca Quik Shoppe until further notice.

DJ Shah, the manager of the Quik Shoppe said that he was checking a filter on one of the pumps when gas started spraying uncontrollably. By his estimations, 3 to 4 gallons of gasoline spilled before being able to shut down the pump.

Ithaca Fire responded to the scene. Assistant Fire Chief Brian Weinstein called the incident a, “moderate-sized gas spill,” and said the Quik Shoppe would need to call in private contractors to get the pump up and running again.

Firefighters used a sorbent to absorb the excess gas.

Barbara Park was filling up her car at the time of the incident. She said that firefighters who arrived on the scene advised her to not turn on her vehicle.

“They said don’t turn your key, a spark could start a fire.”

Firefighters were eventually able to remove Park’s car from the scene.

The Department of Environmental Conservation was also called in to respond to the scene. According to New York State law, all gas spills that occur within New York State must be reported to the NYS Spill Hotline within 2 hours of discovery.

It is unclear when the pumps will be up and running again.

Anna Lamb

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