ITHACA, N.Y. — The City of Ithaca has released an interactive map and website that residents can use to learn more about local sidewalk improvements and what work is planned for 2020.

The city implemented the Sidewalk Improvement Program in 2014 as a way to pool repair costs among property owners, shift the burden away from individual homeowners, and get more repair work completed. Under the previous policy, the abutting property owner was responsible for the full cost of sidewalk construction and repair.

Since the program went into effect, 156 blocks of sidewalk have been improved.

(Screenshot from the Sidewalk Improvement Program website)

The website released Tuesday offers a detailed look at past and proposed sidewalk improvement projects, and sorts information by district, so residents can see what projects are taking place in their neighborhoods.

Under the Sidewalk Improvement District Program, the owners of one- and two-family homes are assessed a $70 annual fee while all other properties owe a base fee of $140 plus $15 per 1,000 square feet of building and $30 per 55 feet of lot frontage. There are five Sidewalk Improvement Districts to ensure fees go to nearby projects.

This summer, the city held open houses to gather input from the community about what sidewalk improvements they would like to see.

Visit the interactive website here. For more information about the city’s sidewalk policy, visit

Kelsey O'Connor

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