Letter to the editor.
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Thanks to The Ithaca Voice for the recent story that detailed how the new immunizations law that ended the religious exemption is impacting local schools. I am relieved that the herd immunity in all our schools soon will reach recommended levels.

I am old enough to have personally experienced the pain of measles, mumps and chickenpox. More telling, I remember the last terrible polio outbreak that killed 3,000 children in the United States and paralyzed thousands more. When my own children were born, I never questioned the need for routine immunizations,

I also want to thank our Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton who made the yes tough vote to eliminate the religious exemption. I cannot say the same for Senator Tom O’Mara who also represents the City of Ithaca in Albany. Like his Republican leader Mr. Trump, Senator O’Mara rejected fact-based science and even possibly put the health of his constituents who have compromised immune systems in danger.

Individuals, of course, remain free to make their own health decisions. In an age of international travel that carries infectious diseases all over the globe, however, we can no longer tolerate politicians who reject both science and fact-based good sense, Senator O’Mara does not deserve another term in Albany.

Nick Salvatore
City of Ithaca