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ITHACA, N.Y. — The Sciencenter partnered with Beverly J. Martin Elementary School to honor and celebrate the legacy of educator and community leader, Beverly J. Martin. Beverly J. Martin’s work spanned four decades as a teacher and principal of Central Elementary School. She was an inspirational presence, receiving numerous national and local awards. Martin offered a home for a science activity program at Central School, which was the inspiration for what eventually became the Sciencenter.

The celebration was kicked off at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School the afternoon of Thursday, April 11th. A plaque for Martin, which would become a part of the Sciencenter’s Wall of Inspiration, was unveiled to attendees. Students also presented various science projects they worked on during the presentation, and Sciencenter educators engaged students with a liquid nitrogen demonstration.

Later during the evening of April 11th, the Sciencenter continued the celebration with a community event free and open to the public. The event was attended by community leaders, Beverly J. Martin educators, and students, as well as families from throughout the community. The night featured a special ceremony where Beverly J. Martin’s plaque was unveiled in its place on the Sciencenter’s Wall of Inspiration.

“We are so pleased to be honoring Beverly J. Martin on the Sciencenter’s Wall of Inspiration” said Dean Briere, executive director of the Sciencenter. “Her commitment to science inspired our founders, Ilma Levine and Debbie Levin, to bring the Sciencenter to life. The Sciencenter shares the values of these enterprising educators – science, community, and accessibility – key directional indicators of the Sciencenter’s new community-driven strategic framework. And through their initial efforts we have spent over 35 years exploring, connecting, and creating together!”

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