Since 2009, Carol Bushberg Real Estate has helped Tompkins County clients navigate every turn in the local real estate market. Our firm is different from all the others; unabashedly small in size, with a first-rate team of honest, intelligent, and informed Realtors who specialize in the Ithaca area.

Call us when you want accurate information on how to buy in this fast-paced and competitive environment, or if you need to understand the zoning laws that affect your sale or purchase. Ask us who to hire when you are getting your home prepped for sale.

We’re here to give you a realistic evaluation and a no-nonsense strategy for winning in this market, whether you’re looking to buy or sell. As our slogan states, we at Carol Bushberg Real Estate offer “Sound Advice for Big Decisions.” 

Asked why we’re proud to support the Ithaca Voice, we have to admit that we’re intrigued by the activities of local criminals. Stay safe out there, folks!

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