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In partnership with the Children’s Reading Connection, Ithaca Children’s Garden has brought the book All the Colors of the Earth, written by Sheila Hamanaka, to life through banners fixed along the walkway that begins behind the Bulb Labyrinth Memorial Garden at ICG’s north entrance.

This story celebrates the colors of children through the colors of love, beauty, and acceptance found all around us in nature. This is the first time this book has been used in this way to engage children, families, and readers.

Read All the Colors of the Earth at Ithaca Children’s Garden. (Provided photo)
Read All the Colors of the Earth at Ithaca Children’s Garden. (Provided photo)

Brigid Hubberman of the CRC remarked, “This book is a celebration of all our interconnectedness. Everyone can see themselves in this book and it is this through that connection with the earth that we are better able to open our eyes and truly see we are woven together – what happens to each of us directly, happens to all of us indirectly.”

Child development research shows the importance of using varied and rich words when talking to newborn babies and young children. This simple act can have vast impacts on that child’s literacy and intellectual growth for the rest of their life.

This special community-based installation creates a unique synergy between literacy and landscape. The combination of words, artwork and nature amplify each other. The book’s message helps underscore ICG’s commitment to the values of diversity and equitable inclusion for all.

ICG’s Executive Director, Erin Marteal, says, “This book does an exquisite job of showcasing diversity with joy, beauty, and exuberance. We hope our young visitors might see not only how we are all connected, but how human beings are an important part of this dynamic, living planet, which is more vibrant and beautiful with rich diversity. In addition to being a great way for families to read outdoors together, we hope All the Colors of the Earth also helps illustrate that everyone is welcome here at ICG!”

For more information about the Walk-Along-Story installation, please contact Sophie Trowbridge at or 607-319-4203.

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