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These are our parties and we’ll cry if we want to….

I’m an independent thinker. I have supported a democracy of the people, for the people, by the people as an American woman. Our Republic is made of primarily two privately run political parties. They excluding candidates from other parties from public debates. Donkeys can act like jackasses by condoning various human rights violations to make a ‘good deal’. Elephants don’t mind dining for deals with Saudi’s who enjoy slowly dismembering an American resident and journalist. In the same kind of vein, neither party showed objection to gay people being executed, thrown off buildings or beheaded because hey, ‘these rich Saudis are ‘valued customers’ of certain unscrupulous American companies who use that profit to fund elections.

It’s all by design and people are being left out. Republicans choose not to ‘see’ any kills by drone strikes in Yemen are associated with dismembered journalist and supportive of international homophobia. Some Democrats seem to not want to remind them of how bad that is.

These clear and present dangers that ignore acts of immoral violence as not really bad ‘enough’ to be worthy of breaking a deal. All want my vote but only some are voicing objections to include ‘the rest of us’. Some send a message that ‘we’ should not expect to be part of their platform but do want our money, vote and time.

Lots of us are so fed up with lies and propaganda that we don’t even want to vote. But we cannot afford to allow the worst to stay in office that have put us in such jeopardy. I have to vote for democrats although I’m not thrilled about all of them. I am a disabled corrections officer dependent on disability. I need at least the healthcare I have now as a result of the Affordable Care Act to stay alive. Any reductions to health care can cost me my life. My family needs asthma medicines, heart, and kidney operations and I clearly know with 100% certainty all Republicans up for re-election voted to reduce access to health care, reject increases for cost of living and they refused to vote to protect me as a survivor of rape. My rapist paid nothing and all the burden of expense for rape crisis is on survivors because Republicans voted to defund Planned Parenthood where rape crisis care is offered. The Republican party very existence is based in making laws denying survivors protections from being raped by Republican District Attorneys, Supreme Court and local justices have left children of NY subjected to repetitive child rape with a term limited to 7 years if convicted. We cannot continue voting for that kind of representation.

I will be voting and supporting rational, reasonable people who support aggressive changes to the law. Tracy Mitrano for Congress, Amanda Kirchgessener for Senate District 58 and Joyce St. George for Senate District 51. I want health care for everyone who needs it. I want harsher laws for rapists. I want an end to rewarding companies whose products kill and place America at further risk to our national security. These candidates about us, our country and how we are viewed in the world. They all deserve my vote as an Independent thinker who takes seriously the power of my vote for the greater good and they will serve us far better than those they will be replacing. I ask you to join me.

Joanne Cipolla-Dennis