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My dear Republicans, please cast your vote wisely in the 23rd congressional race between Democrat Tracy Mitrano and incumbent Tom Reed. Though Republicans favor Trump’s policies, they come at great cost to our social fabric and democracy. Trump’s divisive rhetoric and behavior compel us to resent one another and retreat to our tribes. Never in my lifetime have families, neighbors and friends been so divided and mistrusting.

When we needed healing after Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Trump praised Putin and looked the other way. When we needed healing after racial tensions in Charleston, Trump emboldened white supremacists. When we needed healing after the bitter Kavanaugh hearing, Trump attacked the victim of sexual abuse. Say what you want about Obama, but he never acted like this and, thus, we never had then the kind of rancor we see today.

Every branch of federal government is dominated by Republicans. The Founding Fathers never intended for such unchecked power. Mitrano represents a sensible alternative to Reed, who acts in lockstep with Trump’s every move. Mitrano brings folks together. Reed tries to keep us apart, branding voters who disagree with him as ‘extreme’. This is right out of Trump’s playbook of division.

Jamie Sorrentino

Town of Danby