ITHACA, NY — As students return to Ithaca, TCAT will resume its academic year service. The fall service schedule will feature additional trips along popular routes and new stops in Lansing.

The 14S or “West Hill Shopper” route that TCAT launched in May has been judged a success so far, according to a press release. The route will continue to connect West Hill residents to Walmart, Tops and Wegmans. Weekday trips have been shifted from the early evening to late morning, based on riders’ suggestions, and an additional trip will run on weekends.

Changes are coming to routes serving Lansing. The Route 36 bus will now stop at Lansing High School. The Route 37 will stop at the Lansing Town Hall, and will make four additional daily trips. TCAT encourages commuters to take advantage of the added trips by using the Lansing Town Hall as a park-and-ride location.

Trips have also been added to two routes serving Cornell’s campus. The Route 83 to West Campus will make six additional evening trips this fall. The Route 90, from the Commons, will resume Sunday service.

TCAT will continue to track ridership and listen to community input to plan future adjustments. A winter service schedule will go into effect on January 19.

The complete fall service schedule is available online or in print at TCAT bus shelters:

More information, including a list of all service changes, is available at

Devon Magliozzi

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