DRYDEN, N.Y. — A multi-phase, mixed-use project may be coming to the northern outskirts of Dryden village, if developer Larry Dick has his way.

Dick, owner of a Pennsylvania construction firm, is planning to purchase a little more than 40 acres of vacant land at the southwest corner of North Road/Route 163 and Mott Road. The land, zoned for light industrial and commercial uses, has been on the market for $398,900.

Initial plans call for what is truly a mixed-use project. The buildout, which would be done in four phases over a period of several years, includes 82 patio homes in a duplex arrangement, 42 apartment units in two-story and three-story buildings, a three-story, 42-unit assisted living facility for seniors in need of additional care, a recreational facility, and a 54-room hotel. Also planned are storage units, potential healthcare office space, trails, a gazebo and an on-site solar array. The amenities would be privately maintained and intended for use by residents and workers at the development.

The patio homes, modular two-bedroom units of about 900 square feet each, would be managed under a condominium-like arrangement and limited to those 55 and older. The apartments, two-bedroom units with 1,000-1,200 square feet apiece, may come with a rent-to-own option. Most of the development within the project is geared towards the service and support of the 55+ market segment, with living opportunities for those who are fully independent, as well as for those who could use some assistance.

“(Larry Dick’s) looked at the various stuff that’s available, the housing study and things of that nature, he’s familiar with the Dryden area. The guy that owns the land now, they’ve done projects together before,” said Al Kryger, a consultant representing the project team.

One complication that does arise is that the current zoning doesn’t allow residential use, so the mixed-use nature of the project necessitates the use of a Planned Development Area (PDA) by the village – a rezoning. The proposal is only a preliminary plan at this point, and the village of Dryden planning board will need to meet and go through environmental review to consider the impacts and proposed mitigations of the project.

“It won’t all happen in one year, it’s several years, multiple stages. It creates employment with services, (it) helps support local industry. By changing the zoning to a PDA, you can incorporate residential uses into the site and the project,” said Kryger.

Kryger said that the project team intends to start the formal review process soon, with the intent of launching a market test and pre-sales for the first phase of units next spring.

Kelsey O’Connor contributing to the reporting of this article.

Brian Crandall

Brian Crandall reports on housing and development for the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached at bcrandall@ithacavoice.com.