Update: Tuesday afternoon, Max Della Pia conceded to Tracy Mitrano, who will now go up against Republican Incumbent Tom Reed in the general election. Read more about it here. 

ITHACA, N.Y. — Democratic Congressional candidate Max Della Pia won the support of Tompkins County voters by more than 500 votes after all the absentee ballots were counted this week.

While candidate Tracy Mitrano got 286 absentee votes and Max Della Pia got 277, he still won the county with 3,660 votes versus Mitrano’s 3,152 votes.

Democrats began counting absentee ballots Monday afternoon at the board of elections office on 128 E. Buffalo St. There, a handful of people sorted through 750 ballots to ensure that they were postmarked on or before June 25, had proper signatures, and that the voter chose one candidate. Five ballots were marked as set-asides for the next three days.

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The outcome was similar to election night when Della Pia received 3,383 votes over Mitrano’s 2,876 votes.

Throughout the district though, the race is still neck and neck between Mitrano and Della Pia, with Della Pia beating out Mitrano for the nomination by just 26 votes. Counties throughout the state have up to two weeks to file final absentee, special, and provisional ballots.

Featured photo: BOE Democratic Commissioner, Stephen Dewitt, Tompkins County Legislature Chair Martha Robertson, and Attorney Mike Perehinec during recounts Monday. Photo by Jolene Almendarez/The Ithaca Voice (Disclosure: Perehinec is a board member at The Ithaca Voice.)

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