ITHACA, N.Y. — It’s the last day of summer and the community is divided about how to feel about the end of the season.

Some people are eager for the onset of autumn, the chance to eat pumpkin pie, and the never-ending supply of the best apples of the year. Some people are creepily petting their snowmobiles and reminding themselves that they’re one day closer to winter bliss. Some people, like me, are already missing sunbathing and sweltering hot temperatures (Only 253 days until summer 2018!).

Either way, let’s have a look back on some of out favorite photos from this summer. We hope it was as memorable for you as it was for us.

Photo gallery: 32 photos from the 27th annual Grassroots Photos by Alyvia Covert

Gallery: Streets Alive! fills Ithaca streets with music, movement and fun  Photos by Kelsey O’Connor

Stewart Park ‘Cosmic Eclipse Gathering’ underway in Ithaca  Photos by Jolene Almendarez

Rare, smelly corpse plant successfully blooms outdoors at Cornell Photos by Kelsey O’Connor

Photo gallery: 50 photos from Southside Community Center’s 14th annual CUMEP concert

Gallery: Photos from Ithaca rallies in support of Charlottesville Photo by Mike Blaney

(Editor’s note: We included this photo to remind people of how the community came together to address the racist white power march by the KKK, Nazis, and other white supremacists groups in  Charlottesville Virginia. The terrorist attack left one woman dead and about 19 injured.)

18 new U.S. citizens welcomed to Tompkins County Photo by Alyvia Covert

Flash flood warning continues, dozens of vehicles partially submerged at Ithaca mall Photo by Jacob Mroczek 

A few images, videos from our Instagram taken by Jacob Mroczek 


And two final photos that from events that happened just before the official start of summer but that we love anyway.

Rainbow flag flies high: Tompkins County Leg. officially proclaims June LGBTQ+ Pride Month Photo by Kelsey O’Connor

Photo Gallery: Ithaca Festival celebrates 40 years of community Photo by Alyvia Covert