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LANSING, N.Y. — A man and his dog had to be rescued from Salmon Creek in the Ludlowville area of Lansing Friday evening, tapping emergency responders from multiple departments.

The Lansing Fire Department was called around 6:00 p.m. Friday for a report of a man in the creek near 121 Ludlowville Rd. An area resident was walking his dog near Salmon Creek when it jumped in and was swept downstream. The man jumped in after it and he too was swept away.

The Lansing FD arrived on scene minutes later and quickly called for the Ithaca Fire Department’s water rescue team.

IFD was already responding to an EMS call and a car fire on the Cornell campus when they diverted resources to assist their neighbors in Lansing to help save the man.

IFD deployed an inflatable rescue boat attached to a rope system, with one rescuer, to cross the rapid water and retrieve the man and his dog.

Photo by Jolene Almendarez

A separate rescue swimmer stood by downstream in case someone fell out. The man was placed in a life jacket and all were hauled back across the creek to safety. The man and dog were shaken, but uninjured.

While the water rescue was going on, other IFD crews worked to extinguish a minivan that caught fire down a dirt road behind Helen Newman Hall at Cornell. That fire, fed by a ruptured fuel line, was brought under control in about forty minutes and is being investigated.

Provided by the Ithaca Fire Department.